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Built upon proven and tested free software solutions

The Flumotion Streaming Server is built upon a platform of proven free software solutions. We have currently focused on the Linux platform for our main development. Flumotion is mainly written in the extremely popular Python language.

The high-level functionality is built on top of Twisted. The low-level functionality is built on top of GStreamer.

Easy to use administration tool

Flumotion features an easy to use setup and administration tool which is closely integrated with the design of Flumotion. For some screenshots of these tools in action please take a look at the screenshots page.

Wide hardware support

Due to the developers' decision to focus on supporting the GNU/Linux operating system, we have support for a wide range of audio and video input devices supported by the operating system.

Flumotion currently supports streaming from webcams, TV capture cards, FireWire DV cameras and the OSS and ALSA sound systems.

Distributed design

Flumotion has a distributed design, making it easy to spread the load over multiple machines, allowing you to do advanced media manipulation and stream generation. No matter how many different streams or multiple versions of the same stream you want to do, or different formats, or overlays, Flumotion can easily scale to handle it by distributing the load onto serveral machines.

Commercial support

While Flumotion is a free software product using the widely accepted LGPL license, it has the advantage of having a commercial company behind it. This means that there is also commercial support and extra functionalities available.

More information at uk.flumotion.com.

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