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Developer Information

Documentation and examples

Much documentation and some introductory slides are to be found on the Documentation page. We suggest to read the manual and the slides to get a general overview and to get you started.

A template module with a sample component is released as a separate project that can be used to base new components on. See the download area.

We have a Trac install in which to log tickets, browse the repository, and browse the wiki.


The developers can be found on IRC on Freenode, in #fluendo. You can use irc.freenode.net to get there if you want.

You are also welcome to subscribe to our mailing list.

Contributing code

The Flumotion code is under the copyright of Flumotion Services S.A. Flumotion employs the main developers, provides financial backing and commercial support for the Streaming Server.

If you feel brave enough and want to get dirty hacking in flumotion there is a wiki in our trac where to get some basic information to start: Developer Introduction.

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